Lake Tsivlou

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Lake Tsivlos

380€/buggy (2persons/buggy)
Duration: about 6 to 7 hours Distance: 82 km. Max Altitude: 1810m. Max Speed: 60km./hour Terrain : 77 km. dirt - 5 km. street 5 Stops

Lake Tsivlos

Starting in Kalavrita and heading to the adventure, we embark on an off-road enchanting journey, during which we will pass through the alpine village of Souvardo with crystal clear waters, wandering among centuries-old oak trees, tall plane trees and huge fir trees. Relax by feeding the fish of the beautiful Lake Tsivlou, which as an important wetland Natura, hosts many species of flora and fauna. Closing the cycle of our excursion, we will visit the Ski Center of Kalavrita at an altitude of 1750m., As well as the historic tower of Petimezaion in Kato Lousoi. Αvailable upon request. Notes: It is worth noting that the route we follow is circular and we never go through the same place. Cold sandwiches, croissants, juice and bottled water are provided.

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