General Rental Terms

Payment Methods

For all categories of vehicles, the tenant must present a credit / debit card accepted by the company THEODORAKOPOULOS TH PANAGIOTIS OE KAI SIA (for short below it will be mentioned with its distinctive title Kalavrita Explore and it is clarified that it is the same) to cover the amounts related to the guarantee and the payment of the rental cost. Payment of rent can also be made in cash.


To make a reservation, you need to deposit a deposit in the following company account:

National Bank of Greece

ACCOUNT: 3640 0199 414

IBAN: GR47 0110 3640 0000 3640 0199 414


The amount of the deposit that the customer will pay for the reservation will be proportional to the rental value of the vehicle, so it will be agreed on a case by case basis with Kalavrita Explore. The deposit amount must be deposited in the Kalavrita Explore bank account as is. The transfer transfer (commission) costs that the bank will collect in case of a different bank of the customer from the partner bank of Kalavrita Explore, are borne exclusively by the customer.

After depositing money, send the bank receipt to the following e-mail: [email protected] with the reason for your name. Your reservation is valid from the moment you send us the bank receipt. In case a period of 5 hours has passed from the moment of our telephone contact for a reservation and you have not sent us the bank receipt, the reservation is canceled.


In case the reservation is canceled by the customer up to 48 hours before the predetermined date and time of rental of the vehicle, the deposit is refunded in full to the customer, minus the transfer costs (commission) to be collected by the bank, in case of different customer bank from the partner bank of Kalavrita Explore. These costs are borne exclusively by the customer.

In case the reservation is canceled by the customer less than 48 hours from the predetermined date and time of rental of the vehicle, the deposit is non-refundable. In case the customer does not inform us about the cancellation of the reservation and does not arrive at our offices at the predetermined time and date of rental of the vehicle, the reservation is canceled through the fault of the customer and the deposit is non-refundable. In case the reservation is canceled by Kalavrita Explore, for any reason, the full amount of the deposit is refunded to the customer.

The customer depositing money as a deposit for booking a car rental in Kalavrita Explore, states that he has read and accepts explicitly and unconditionally, all the terms listed in the General Terms of Rent.


Additional Information

The driver’s license, and identity card or passport, will be requested by the tenant-driver upon receipt of the car. All of the above should display the driver’s name and should be the original (genuine). Photocopies or photographs are not accepted. If the driver does not provide the above necessary documents, the rent cannot be made.

Driver Age

The minimum age of the driver is 21 years.

Drivers License

The driver’s license of the leased vehicle must have been issued at least one year before the rental date. The driver’s license must be Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for countries outside the EU). The International Driver’s License must be accompanied by the driver’s license of the driver’s country.

Additional Driver

The charge for using the vehicle by additional drivers is 10€  per day, per lease contract, per driver. (Availability depending on the type of vehicle).


Upon receipt of the vehicle, a guarantee will be committed on the credit/debit card of the tenant-driver, which will be returned as it is at the end of the rental if no other charges arise. The release of the amount can take up to 14 days depending on the issuing bank of the card. The warranty amount varies by vehicle category.

Fines and Violations

The fines and any other consequences of violations of the highway code are borne entirely and exclusively by the tenant of the vehicle. The lessee assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and management costs amounting to 25€.

Accident File Expenses

The driver is charged 15€ in the event of an accident, through his fault. This amount is not refundable.

Insurance Covers

Kalavrita Explore vehicles(except e-bikes) are insured.

The coverages are subject to the general terms of Kalavrita Explore contract with its insurance company.


The vehicle is always delivered with the fuel tank full. The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel to the tank, which he had when he received it. If he returns the vehicle with less fuel than he had when he received it, then he is charged with the amount of 15 € per lease, plus the cost of the fuel consumed.

Additional information

No insurance coverage applies:

  •  For anything that happens and it is found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance that affects the driver’s ability to drive, perceive and sense.
  • For accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease.
  • For damage caused to the bottom of the scooter, tires and wheels.
  • For accidents for which the tenant has not informed Kalavrita Explore and submits/submits a relevant accident statement, as defined by the Greek Legislation, regardless of his fault.
  • For vehicle key loss.
  • For loss or destruction of equipment or other additional equipment.
  • For loss of personal items inside the vehicle. 
  • For anything that happens and it is found that the hired driver has violated the instructions of Kalavrita Explore for the correct and safe use of the vehicle – bicycle.

Amounts related to damage or loss of vehicles and bicycles, loss of vehicle keys, loss or destruction of equipment or other additional equipment, are paid directly by the tenant from his debit / credit card, even if he is covered by insurance.In this case, the tenant is required to pay Kalavrita Explore the full cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle or bicycle, as well as the full cost of replacing the keys and repairing or replacing devices or other additional equipment.Kalavrita Explore has no responsibility for the loss of personal items in the vehicle, as well as no liability for their compensation in any way.Also, every child of any age, rides in a Kalavrita Explore vehicle is always made with the consent-permission of the parent-guardian, and therefore he bears the absolute responsibility for everything concerning the child.It is also explicitly stated that Kalavrita Explore bears no responsibility for injuries, accidents or deaths during the rental of its vehicles.Customers (tenants-drivers and co-drivers-passengers) responsibly state that they do not retain any claim or claim from Kalavrita Explore and resign in advance from any claim or claim, personally having sole responsibility for each event during it rental.Therefore, it is explicitly stated that customers (tenants-drivers and co-drivers-passengers) are responsible for the Kalavrita Explore only at their own risk, taking into account their level of health, experience, fitness and risk which may generally exist.


Prior to receipt and delivery of the vehicle, the vehicle must be inspected by the tenant and the lessor.


The driver’s helmet for scooter and bicycle is provided free of charge. The passenger’s helmet for the scooter is charged 5€ per day.


They are available only upon request of the customer and availability of the company and with a charge of 10€ per day.


Each receipt or delivery is made only at the headquarters of Kalavrita Explore and only during its opening hours. Delivery or receipt outside hours of operation, is possible by appointment, and the charge is 20€. The return of the vehicle to another location outside the headquarters of Kalavrita Explore, is charged at 20€ . In addition, the mileage difference between the two points is charged, at 0.50€ /km.

 Scooter Rental Day

The scooter rental day is calculated every 24 hours. After the end of the 24 hours, an additional rental day is charged.

Bicycle rental Day

Bicycle rental day is calculated from 10:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m. (in the summer) and 10:00 a.m. – 17:00 pm (in winter).

The lessee must make good use of the rental vehicle-bicycle and equipment as well as apply the safety instructions and the traffic code. Before receiving the vehicle-bicycle and equipment, the tenant has checked its overall condition and especially the points related to safety. The lessee must report to the lessor any damage or malfunction of the vehicle-bicycle or equipment before signing the contract. These remarks are recorder in the lease. No additional damage can be recorded after the start of the lease. The vehicle-bicycle and eqyipment will be considered to be leased in perfect condition. In case the vehicle-bicycle is not returned with in 5 hours after the scheduled day and time, the amount of the guarantee will be withheld.The tenant is liable for any damage to the vehicle-bicycle and equipment during the lease whether caused by him or not. In case of damage, the tenant must pay the total cost of replacing the spare part, ie its price as if it were new and the labor costs. Vehicle-bicycle and equipment are rented cleanly. The tenant must return them in the samr cindition, unless the weather is bad. Otherxise it may be borne by the cost of cleaning them. The tenant is responsible for the use of the vehicle-bicycle throughout thr lease. Therefore the tenant is liable for any material and bodily damage suffered or caused to a third party whether directly involved or not.

Distance in Kilometers

The first 100 km is free. Each kilometer after the 100 km limit is charged at 0.50€ / km.

Delayed Return Charge

If the vehicle is returned with a delay of more than 5 hours or more than the agreed return time, then there will be a Deferred Return Charge, at a cost of  20€ for each day or part there of, in addition to the cost of the additional rental day.

Early return:

In case of return of the vehicle earlier than the date or time of the reservation, there will be no refund.

Transfer via Boat

Is not available

Transfer Beyond Borders

Is not available


All prices listed above include VAT.

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