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Explore the beauty of our place through an unforgettable experience. Choose from our list of excursions, with or without Buggy.


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Route 1

Palia Metallia

Leaving Kalavrita and crossing the Vouraikos River, we take the dirt road to the Old Mines. At 970m. altitude and after crossing almost halfway we take a 10 minute stop for stunning Kalavrita photos from another perspective.

Price : 70€/BUGGY

Route 2


Starting from Kalavrita, and after some kilometres honored with the waters of Vouraikos River, we enter a lush forest with fir trees, in a magnificent 4x4 route. At an altitude of 1070 meters, we make our first stop to enjoy the unobstructed view of the well-known Vouraiko river, and with some luck we will see the Odontoto crossing it.

Price: 130€/BUGGY

Route 3

Panorama Kalavriton

These are routes 1 and 2 together, plus extra surprise stop. So let's cross the Vouraiko River, enter dense fir forests, drive 4x4 trails and enjoy the panoramic Kalavrita. Our stops at 970m. the first one and at 1070m. the second, provides you with unobstructed views of the Vouraikos River and Kalavrita.

Price: 180€/BUGGY

Route 4

Helmos - Petmezeon Tower

We are embarking on a four-hour adventure that will take us from the low to the clouds and back again. Passing through firs, chestnuts and pines, we will get to know much of the natural beauty of this place, taking pictures of the beautiful views of the Kalavrita Ski Resort at an altitude of 1750m. and we will also get to know a bit of history by looking closely at the historic Tower of Petmezeon.

Price: 280€/BUGGY

Route 5

Lake Tsivlou

Starting from Kalavrita and ending the adventure, we start for a seven-hour magical off-road trip, during which we will pass through the alpine village of Souvardo with the crystal clear waters, we will wander among centuries-old oaks, tall fir trees and huge fir trees. Relax by feeding the fish of the beautiful lake Tsivlou, which as an important wetland Natura, hosts many species of flora and fauna. Closing the cycle of our excursion, we will visit the Ski Center of Kalavrita at an altitude of 1750m., As well as the historic tower of Petmezaion in Kato Lousous.

Price: 380€/BUGGY

Route 6

Aristarchus Observatory – Neraidorachi

Our most adventurous route starts from Kalavrita, at an altitude of 750m. to reach, the top of Neraidorachi, at an altitude of 2340m.,crossing beautiful picturesque villages and lush and dense spruce forest. We will pass through streams, waterholes and rivers, in order to experience the unprecedented driving in the alpine zone of Mount Helmos. The wild beauty of the landscape, with the unobstructed view in every direction of the horizon, will allow us to gaze at the Gulf of Patras and the Corinthian Gulf, as well as the Ionian Sea. We will be standing under the imposing Aristarchus Observatory, the largest in the Balkans, and if we are lucky, we will see it in operation. Taking the road back, we will visit the historic Tower of Petimezaion, the family's stronghold against the Turks, and full of experiences and photographs, we will return to Kalavrita. An experience that will be unforgettable!!!! An experience that will be unforgettable!!!!

Price: 380€/BUGGY


Explore Kalavrita in your own program by renting one of our vehicles.

333111 light

Electric Bicycle Rental

From city streets and daily commuting to off-road excursions, the CUBE Acid Hybrid ONE covers everything. Get to know the city and the alleys of Kalavrita as a local and explore selected off-road routes, which we have chosen exclusively for you, through the navigator that we offer you, together with the electric bicycle of CUBE and having the guarantee that the strong and reliable drive unit of BOSCH with four levels of assistance, will continue to travel you, even if you are tired !!!

He's the one to take you anywhere !!

Rental cost / day: 35€(helmet is provided free of charge)


Scooter rental

Explore Kalavrita and surrounding area sights with the new Peugeot Speedfight 4 125cc Scooter. Move smartly and economically without stress thanks to the Navigator system that will show you the way, for the beauties of our country, and even take you for a swim in the deep blue waters of Punta Beach in the summer months !!

Rental cost / day: 40€ (driver's helmet is provided free of charge)


Where man meets natural beauty, an abundance of archeological, historical, or religious landmarks await you.

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."
Hellen Keller

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